Why we love what we do


We’re incredibly passionate about what we do at IndianCare and we want to share some of that energy and passion with you today.


We have the unique role of providing ethnospecific services to South Asians in Melbourne. As a team, we love the way in which the work we do allows us to be so connected with own community, so far from home. 


Our team consists of Indian international students, long and short term migrants – we have experienced the sociocultural disconnects that we address through our work, firsthand. This in-depth understanding of our community’s needs allow us to provide in-language support and create safe spaces for discussion.


We know how important it is to feel seen and heard: to have your cultural identity, background, challenges and obstacles acknowledged and understood in a meaningful way. Deploying our cultural knowledge, etiquette and language skills to make this possible is incredibly fulfilling. In turn, we’re afforded a sense of belonging and understanding within our community too.


Similarly, everyday of work is worthwhile with a team like ours. Our shared experiences as migrants in Australia mean we have a nuanced understanding of one another as well. This results in a workplace that promotes inclusion, empathy and decision making that takes a plethora of ideas into account.


Outside of our own organisation, we are connected with a dynamic network of partners and collaborators, who bring our work to life. We’re so thrilled to be working with individuals and organisations that share our values and commit themselves to bettering the communities around them.


To sum it up: It’s the sense of belonging, with our community, our team and our network that keeps us inspired, motivated and ready for more. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, to find out about services we offer, and events you can attend: we’re excited to connect with you!

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