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Dr. Jyothsna Rao


Jyothsna is an accomplished health professional with qualifications in human physiology, nutrition and health promotion, and several years of experience in medical research. She is a recipient of an Australian Academy of Science fellowship, awarded to initiate research collaboration between Australia and India. Her  research ignited a passion for primary prevention, community health, nutrition and gender equity. Jyothsna has extensive experience across primary school councils, higher education, community and primary care partnership settings.  

She brings a rich background in both practice and training along with experience in working with communities here in Australia. Her passion for equity, respect and resilience in communities drives her work and her sense of humour energises her every day. Anu and her husband have lived in Melbourne on and off since 1999 and have two grown up children and a very spoilt cat.

Oashe Bhattacharya

Project SASS and wellbeing officer

Oashe has completed her post graduation in Public health from Monash University. She has well developed public health and promotion skills. She is an active member with the Victorian Covid-19 response team and is highly skilled in community engagement. Her recent publication in British Medical Journal identified gaps in community awareness programs and calls for interventions to provide simple, clear, and understandable messages towards Covid-19 knowledge, attitude, and practice. 

She was awarded an Australian Academy of Science fellowship, in 2013, to initiate research collaboration between Australia and India. Her career as a researcher ignited a passion for community health and nutrition. She completed qualifications in human nutrition and professional development in health promotion. Jyothsna has extensive experience across primary school councils, higher education, community and primary care partnership settings. She teaches and mentors students in universities, clinics and the wider community. She believes that student wellbeing is strongly associated with building feelings of relatedness to their communities. In her personal life, she is a hands-on parent to two teenagers, one in university and another in high school. She is very involved in their learning activities and takes an active interest in discussing issues in politics, health and social justice with them.
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Ananya Alagh

Communications officer

Ananya graduated with a degree in Mass Communication from Curtin University, in 2019. Later that year, she moved from Perth to Melbourne to pursue a career in marketing. She has since worked as a communications professional across a variety of industries, spanning immigration to agriculture and sustainability. She intends to begin her post graduate qualification in Information Technology in 2022, to build upon her skillset and make more meaningful contributions to the teams and communities she works with.


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Vivian Stanly

Administrative officer

Vivian Stanly is an accomplished Accounting professional, he has completed his Master’s in Accounting and holds over 7 years of extensive experience in the field of Accounting and taxation. His passion is working towards the betterment of the society and he spends time volunteering to support building a stronger community. Apart from his professional career, he loves traveling, trying different cuisines and is a big fan of playing cricket.