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Vasundhara Kandpal


With a keen interest in community development, Vasundhara has worked for more than 6 years, on various community projects across international locations. She loves organising community events, leading workshops on capacity building and community empowerment. She believes that when it comes to the power of community, 1+1 is not 2 but 11. Vasundhara holds a Doctorate in Environment Management for research work on threatened species in the Greater Himalayan region and their management strategies.  

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Anjali Mahji

Finance officer

Anjali has completed her Masters of Accounting in 2021. She values honesty, integrity, and kindness above all else. She is a compassionate person who deeply cares about the wellbeing of others, and is always willing to lend a listening ear or provide support to those in need. She is committed to personal growth and self-awareness, and is always looking for ways to improve her skills and experiences to help her learn and evolve as a person.


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Ananya Alagh

Communications officer

Ananya is completing a Masters in Information Technology at Monash University. She moved to Melbourne to pursue a career in marketing. She has since worked as a communications professional across a variety of industries, spanning immigration to agriculture and sustainability. She has grown up in 6 countries, and enjoys working with diverse teams. Ananya will graduate in 2024, and hopes to  develop her skills in IT to make meaningful contributions to the teams and communities she works with.

Manjinder Hundal

Primary prevention practitioner

Manjinder is a social worker and teacher by profession. She hold a Masters degree in social work and analytical chemistry. Manjinder and her family moved from Mumbai to Melbourne in 2016. She has had the privilege of volunteering in a range of projects within community organisations and institutions in the past. She is a voracious reader and enjoys devotional and classical music. Connection, communication and compassion drive her work with people and communities.


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Neha Nagi

Welfare officer

Neha moved to Australia to pursue a Masters degree in Information Technology. After working for over a decade, Neha took a step back to focus on her young family, which was a pivotal, and exciting experience. She began volunteering at the local kinder, school, and council which opened avenues for community collaboration. Local leaders reach out to Neha to find ways to engage the Indian Community. After organising a wave of successful  community events, Neha started her own not-for-profit. She has worked with a range of individuals from diverse backgrounds and feels honoured to give back to her community.


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Nora Fernandes

Family support worker

Nora was employed in overseas community development programs before she arrived in Australia with her family, 24 years ago.  She supported migrant and refugee communities professionally in the areas of settlement services, project management, trauma counselling, mental health, and health promotion before she began her work with with IndianCare. Nora continues to deploy her skills and expertise in her role as a part-time family support worker.


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Vivian Stanly

Administrative officer

Vivian is an accomplished accounting professional. He has completed his Masters in Accounting and holds over seven years of extensive experience in the field of accounting and taxation. His passion is working towards the betterment of the society and he spends time volunteering to support building a stronger community. Outside of  his professional career, he loves traveling, trying different cuisines and is a big fan of playing cricket.