Our inaugural Melbourne International Student Week (MISW)

The Inagural Melbourne International Student Week (MISW) kicked off on Saturday, May 7, at Federation Square.

Our team was thrilled to be the heart of all the excitement: our Project SASS booth was front and centre at MISW’s flagship event, along with key event sponsor, Study Melbourne.


Over 120 international students visited us to chat over a hot cup of masala chai, biscuits – and pick up other goodies and giveaways on offer. We were thrilled to facilitate some incredibly meaningful discussions on life as an international student in Melbourne. We asked visiting students to ‘sign off’ upon leaving our booth – writing a catchy phrase or a message in their native language on our Project SASS board. Our  unique keepsake from the event captures the diversity of Melbourne’s international student population in a snapshot.


The day was punctuated by a series of events, including comedy, dance workshops and live performances – and a workshop with Kofi of African Drumming, organised with Project SASS. 


Our drumming session was attended by about 25 student participants who walked up and joined the open-air workshop in the middle of Fed Square. A crowd of onlookers gathered, and took part by clapping along with the sounds of the drums. Out in the cold evening, against a backdrop of bright city lights, the workshop was explosive, energising and captured the energy of the day.


We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in MISW, alongside Study Melbourne and a range of wonderful organisations. We love connecting with the diverse and tenacious international student population here in Melbourne. To find out about more of our events, follow along with us on Instagram – we hope to see you sometime soon!


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