LDAT Trail walk and talk

IndianCare organised a trail walk followed by a picnic for 30 Indian seniors in Werribee, last week on Tuesday, May 24. 


This event was a part of IndianCare’s Western LDAT program.


A warm, sunny autumn day at Wyndham Park was the ideal backdrop for this energetic group of seniors to get moving, form new friendships, and enjoy the outdoors.


Our LDAT events are designed to support holistic wellbeing.


Walking has been linked with cardiovascular benefits, better cognitive function, and improved mental health. 


So, a little walking goes a long way and mental health benefits of walking are compounded outdoors.


Whether it’s a local hiking trail or going for a stroll through the park, time spent in nature can contribute to a sense of overall wellbeing.

The seniors who attended the walk followed by the picnic were certainly keen on taking part in more outdoor activities.


There were calls for a full day walking tour or a senior sports competition.


‘We’re already playing badminton. If you organised Indoor Cricket, it’d be good,’ said one senior.


The group’s enthusiasm was catching—our team thoroughly enjoyed facilitating this interactive session.

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