Social Support And Prevention Of Harm Programs

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June 2020

Healthy Living Survey – SEAT LDAT

LDAT team created an online survey for members of Bellfield Cricket Club to explore the impacts of lockdown, with responses providing interesting insights. It also served to educate on managing stress, anger and alcohol consumption, especially in COVID-19 lockdown

May 2020

Family Harmony Sessions – WAAT LDAT

A series of positive parenting videos were shared via social media for users of LDAT partners – Wyndham Social Cricket League, Brothers and Sisters Foundation, IndianCare. It aimed to promote family harmony and help cope with parenting-related stress and anxiety, especially during the lockdown.

The survey revealed that 9 out of 10 participants indicated that the videos assisted them to manage the behaviors of the children

April 2020

Exercise program for SEWA senior’s group – SEAT LDAT

Due to lock down, SEAT LDAT replaced its outing by an online exercise program. A series of exercise video links were shared with participants to increase awareness about the benefits of exercise on physical and mental health and wellbeing

Feb – June 2020

Conversational English Classes – WAAT LDAT

17 Indian Seniors from Club 60 successfully completed 10 Conversation English Classes, facilitated by Wyndham CEC, in Tarneit, first in person and then online during the lockdown.

16 Feb 2020

Work Readiness workshop for Indian youngster – WAAT LDAT

Geetha Chetty, Enlightened Mind, presented an interactive, practical skills workshop, in Tarneit, about working in Australia. Topics included preparing resumes and applications, interview skills

Feb- May 2020

Healthy Lifestyle Program – SEAT LDAT

In partnership with SMRC’s Life! Program, a series of 6 sessions for SEWA and ISCAC Indian seniors to improve knowledge of healthy lifestyles and preventable diseases (including alcohol-related)

Feb- April 2020

Conversational English Classes – SEAT LDAT

10 Conversational English Sessions were organised for 15 seniors from SEWA and ISCAC. Conducted by SMRC, Dandenong, as group sessions, then individually during the lockdown

29 Jan 2020

Outdoor Day Camp for SEWA and ISCAC members – SEAT LDAT

An adventurous outing for members of SEWA and ISCAC seniors to YMCA Manyung Recreational Camp, Mt Eliza, in partnership with AMCS’s ‘Moving for Life’ Program

18 Jan 2020

Family Harmony session with Bellfield Cricket Club – SEAT LDAT

Interactive session on Family Harmony for Bellfield Cricket Club members in collaboration with IndianCare’s Family Violence Prevention Project

16 Jan 2020

Lady Northcote Camp for Club 60 Seniors – WAAT LDAT

An exciting outdoor adventure camp for seniors of Club 60, conducted by YMCA, in collaboration with AMCS’s Moving for Life Program

05 Dec 2019

Outdoor adventure for Indian Seniors – WAAT LDAT

IndianCare LDAT project funded by ADF, organised an adventurous outdoor day camp for senior participants of Club 60 at YMCA, in collaboration with AMCS.

29 May 2019

Alcohol Education Campaign – SBS News Coverage

In partnership with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, IndianCare and the Chin community presented the learnings and findings from the two year Connecting Diversity project

14 May 2019

Culturally Meaningful Alcohol Action Workshop

In partnership with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, IndianCare and the Chin community presented the learnings and findings from the two year Connecting Diversity project

14 Nov 2018

Alcohol Education at Wyndham Diwali Festival

ADF and IndianCare collaborated to run a marquee at the Wyndham Diwali festival as part of Connecting Diversity project- to promote the message of reducing harm from alcohol

02 Aug 2018 & 24 Sep 2018

Let’s Talk About Alcohol

Forums were conducted with international students and Indian Seniors to educate Indian students about the laws, harms related to alcohol and responsible drinking. One session was conducted at the Multicultural Hub and a second at Baxter College, in Melbourne CBD. They were expertly facilitated by Janelle Gibson, from ADF and Anu Krishnan, IndianCare

13 Aug 2017

Alcohol and Drug Foundation – Indian Care Co-Design Workshop

Indian community representatives working with staff from Alcohol and Drug Foundation to design a community engagement and awareness program on the topic of harms related to alcohol

13 Dec 2016

Alcohol and Drug Foundation consults IndianCare

Alcohol and Drug Foundation consults with IndianCare to understand more about issues related to alcohol in the Indian community in Victoria