International Students Welfare Program

Project SASS (South Asian Student Support) aims to promote the welfare and wellbeing of Victoria’s South Asian International Students from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar. It is supported by Study Melbourne’s International Student Welfare Program and the Victorian Government.

Project SASS is an innovative, online, student-led project delivering culturally-appropriate, evidence-based activities to increase students’ leadership skills, workplace knowledge and employability, social cohesion and addressing their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The project also delivers a cultural competence training for educational institutions, employers and mainstream support services working with South Asian students.

If you or someone you know

needs support

with life in Australia,

simply call us on

1300 005 040 or make an online ENQUIRY HERE

If you are a South Asian international student at any of the above universities, contact us  for a chat or if you would like:

  • information on emergency relief, rights, responsibilities, job opportunities, accommodation, immigration, financial and legal services, mental health services, welfare supports and services, or assistance to access services
  • psycho-social support, for example: on healthy relationships, family violence, mental health, stress management
  • increased social networks, opportunities for cultural and intercultural friendships, links to social groups, festivals and community events, a better understanding of the Australian culture
  • opportunities to participate in our mentoring program and interactive webinars on job readiness and career pathways, including presentations by leading South Asian business people and professionals and tips from past students


To learn about our program-specific past events click here