Family Violence Prevention Program

Our pilot project in recognition of the significance of Family Violence challenges within South Asian Communities, ran from 2018 till 2020. This project was funded by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Multicultural and Social Cohesion Division and evaluated by The University of Melbourne.

Key strategies

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This project aimed to address prevalent attitudes contributing towards family violence and gender inequality in the South Asian community in Victoria. Delivery of this project was aligned with the Victorian government’s Free from Violence strategy and Our Watch’s Change the story frameworks.

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Project co-design, community consultations, community events and workshops, involved over 950 participants, with equal numbers of male and female candidates. Activities were conducted in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali. Additional initiatives, such as radio and social media messaging had a combined reach of about 120,000 community members.

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Stakeholder Collaboration

IndianCare built strong, trust-based, respectful relationships with community and mainstream groups through the delivery of this program. Project activities have been implemented collaboratively, in partnership with 45 diverse South Asian cultural, linguistic and faith groups.

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Developing An Evidence Base

This program has allowed us to fill gaps in research and data on the problem of Family Violence in the Victorian Indian community. Participation in action-based research projects with key education institutions and community organisations has allowed for the development of a robust evidence base.

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Changing Attitudes

The primary success of this project has been a marked shift in attitudes on Family Violence and General Equality in the Indian Community. Most participants were able to describe Gender Inequality, Family Violence and identify social drivers for the same, by the end of this project. Many expressed interest in becoming healthy relationships ambassadors, challenging attitudes and behaviours that condone sexism, stereotyping, gender inequality violence against women.

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