Drumming with Project SASS


Drumming circles and mindfulness meditation have more in common than you might think.

Group drumming sessions have been linked with improved mental health and feelings of well-being. Don’t believe us?  Fact check the findings.


Recently, IndianCare’s Project SASS organised a series of Djembe drumming workshops for international students, led by Peter Vadiveloo, hosted at LaTrobe Bundoora, and Monash Caulfield.


Our first set of two, 20 minutes sessions at LaTrobe university, were part of campus-wide Harmony Week events. Over 40 students joined the open-air sessions, some of them even dropping by for just 10 minutes between classes to participate. The energy was electric; the booming drums attracted onlookers, who enjoyed the music from afar if they didn’t have the time to take seat within the drumming circle.


Limited by building closures and bad weather at Monash – we held our drumming workshop as an indoor class with 12 student participants. These constraints did nothing to stem the energy of the session – our indoor group was dynamic, full of life, and keen to experiment with array of instruments Peter brought with him, including maracas, bells, and tambourines.


The enthusiasm in the room was tangible. Working in tandem to create the drumming rhythm facilitated connections between students effortlessly, participants were talkative and excitable following each workshop.

There were unanimous calls for more sessions following the workshops at both universities,  we’re excited to see our drumming circle continue to grow!


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