Check The Health Of Your Relationship

A healthy relationship is the cornerstone of a safe, happy and healthy home environment: one in which every family member can live and express themselves without fear or apprehension.
Use this checklist, adapted from Love is Respect to assess the health of your own relationship.

  • Is your partner supportive of your work and your dreams?
  • Does your partner encourage your efforts and to achieve your goals?
  • Does your partner make time to listen to you?
  • Is your partner understanding of the demands on your time?
  • Do your friends like your partner?
  • Does your partner like your friends?
  • Does your partner often complain about how little time you have for them or the family?
  • Does your partner get angry or annoyed when you don’t respond to calls or messages?
  • Does your partner insist you dress or wear make-up the way they like it?
  • Does your partner get possessive or jealous?
  • Does your partner think you are cheating if you have a laugh with someone else?
  • Do you sometimes feel that your partner needs to know everything you are doing all the time?
  • Do you feel controlled by your partner?
  • Do you need an excuse to see your friends or family?
  • Does your partner make jokes about you, your looks, your work or family and then say it isn’t serious?
  • Does your partner threaten to hurt your or themselves?
  • Do you feel you have to put on a happy front to avoid your partner getting angry?

If you’re concerned about the general health of your relationship, you can use this checklist.

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If you’ve answered YES to most of these questions, you may need to speak to someone about building a safer, more respectful relationship. Call us for a confidential chat.