Connecting & Culturally Responsive

Supporting the Indian community in Victoria

IndianCare is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 2014 dedicated solely to address the welfare needs of Indian origin people in Victoria.

With more than 209,000 Indian origin people in Victoria currently, it is important that their welfare needs are not overlooked.

The purpose of IndianCare is to strengthen people of Indian origin in Victoria, especially by assisting in the relief of suffering, distress, and misfortune.





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Family Violence Programs

International Students Welfare Program – ISWP

LDAT Community Programs

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COVID-19 Updates

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Please follow COVID safe practices –

  • wear masks – inside and outside
  • keep social distance of 1.5 metres
  • wash hands
  • get tested even for the slightest of symptoms
  • don’t go out unless for the five purposes the government allows Department of Health and Human Services Victoria
  • use QR codes when going into shops.


We at IndianCare strive to:

  • Provide a culturally sensitive service for people of Indian origin and/or facilitate their access to other existing community service organisations
  • Collaborate with other organisations to support people of Indian origin that are facing hardship
  • Educate mainstream services about better ways to meet the needs of people of Indian origin
  • Advocate to all levels of government for better outcomes for people of Indian origin, in relation to welfare and community development


IndianCare is involved in the following areas of work at present:

  • Assisting mainstream organisations to more effectively respond to the needs of Indian origin people in Victoria
  • Assisting people of Indian origin in Victoria to connect effectively with existing service providers and obtain appropriate assistance
  • Representing the Indian community at various forums and events
  • Advocating to government for appropriate outcomes for people of Indian origin in Victoria